Protect it with secure, easy-to-use online backup

Every day, families and businesses lose valuable data files when computers are damaged, faulty, lost or stolen. And although some people back up their data on a CD, tapes or memory stick (when they remember to do so!), these devices are often unsafe, unreliable and easily lost.

Clunk Click online backup from Click IT Services protects and stores your data on secure remote servers.

It’s the easiest, fastest and safest backup system you could wish for – and all from just £7 per month!

Q. Is Clunk Click easy to use?
A. It’s beautifully simple to set up. Clunk Click then backs up your data automatically – and as regularly as you wish. The Clunk Click system does all the hard work but you’re always in control. You can change the settings whenever you like at the click of a mouse. If you’ve any questions, we’re here to help.
Q. Where is my data stored?
A. Your data is safely encrypted and sent to high-security UK servers in attack-proof data centres. As the authorised owner, you can retrieve it quickly and easily whenever you need to.
Q. Are online backup systems really secure?
A. YES, very! All your data is encrypted with advanced software before it’s sent. That means only you know what’s in those files and only you (or your authorised representative) can retrieve them.
Q. is Clunk Click suitable for laptops too?
A. Yes, it’s perfect for most laptops, PCs, Macs, and servers.
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Features & Benefits
  • 10 minute setup
  • Automatic daily offsite backup to secure offsite data centres
  • Provides an audit trail of backups
  • Reduces downtime
  • Eliminates requirement for backup hardware
  • 24x7x365 data availability
  • Data restore with just a few clicks of a mouse
  • Fast incremental backups
  • Upgrade to any data capacity
  • Data compression & 448-bit Blowfish encryption

*NB the server agent is different to the agent used on desktop/laptop machines and also has other optional agents to backup MS Exchange and other software.

Bespoke Packages can be created depending on your needs, email or call for a quote.