Click IT are able to recommend, implement and develop security systems to help you protect your corporate and personal information by understanding and specifying secure, manageable systems that offer you the reassurance of defense in depth whilst allowing you to work on, unimpeded by the threats you will encounter, by specifying and combining of the products and services you should call upon for protection:

  • Firewalls: help protect computers and networks from attack and subsequent intrusion by restricting the network traffic that can pass through them, based on a set of defined rules. Click IT Services are a WatchGuard Certified System Professional.
  • Anti-virus: software that attempts to identify, thwart and eliminate computer viruses and malicious software (malware) >> more info
  • Anti-spyware: a different and distinct problem from computer viruses, and an increasing threat. Spyware attempts to track and record your activities without your knowledge, and often in ways that are immune to anti-virus defenses. Defense requires ‘real-time’ protection and constant updates, making a trusted and automated product essential >> more info
  • Anti-spam: unobtrusive in use and risk-free, as suspicious messages are quarantined for your review
  • Access restrictions: these can protect the whole computer or individual services, identifying and authenticating users with passwords, smart cards and biometric systems
  • Backups: a regularly updated and checked copy of important computer files kept in another location as a way of securing your information, and if done correctly in conjunction with Business Continuity Planning, taking much of the stress and complexity out of disaster recovery >> more info
  • Equipment disposal: when your hardware reaches the end of its economical life, we offer experienced, regulated, authorised use of powerful data-destroying products that make certain that no-one can reach the data inside
  • Premises protection: from products offering physical protection of portable devices to networked IP cameras allowing you to view your premises from any PC anywhere in the world.