Freelance IT Manager

Click IT services are proud to offer consultancy and support to small / medium sized businesses, in a nut shell providing the services of a FREELANCE IT MANAGER, we are ideally suited to businesses which do not already have their own internal IT department. The main services which we offer are, onsite and remote IT support, consultancy, hardware, software and security.

IT Support

IT Support can be provided either onsite or remotely to suit clients needs, regular onsite support is effective and proactive for businesses which require minimal downtime / disruption, the best form of defense is attack, by solving problems before they occur and actively monitoring IT, business can go about their daily business without the hassle of troublesome IT problems.


Click IT are able to recommend, implement and develop security systems to help you protect your corporate and personal information by understanding and specifying secure, manageable systems that offer you the reassurance of defense in depth whilst allowing you to work on, unimpeded by the threats you will encounter, by specifying and combining of the products and services you should call upon for protection:

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